As I transition from being a course supervisor, I have a concern about having insufficient structures to maintain my life the way I want it to go. I am used to having a weekly buddy call, a weekly group call, quarterly workdays, as well as actually supervising courses. While I am also creating smaller structures, one of the new structures I will be creating is an allies list.

I (and I assert, most of us) are not geared to see how much we are supported by others. Doing things on our own is ingrained, and I simply discount how many people have my back. I saw this in a conversation with my coach and took some time to make a list of the people that are a demand that I succeed. That list ended up much longer than I thought. The list itself is a good reminder that I am not alone, and using that list will be an even more powerful structure.

I am going to create an opt-in email list and invite my “allies” to subscribe. I’ll send out regular updates on how my life is. It will keep informed both those who want to know how my life is going and those who want to contribute to me. Plus, if I seem off, or am not fulfilling on what I have said matters to me, or if I could use assistance they will be able to get me straightened out.

What sort of structures can you use to keep from doing things in isolation and how do the people around you keep you on track for what you say is important in your life?