We all have people we haven’t seen in a while, or that we have lost touch with. It’s a normal part of life. In some cases, though, it’s partially fear based. “It’s been so long, what will we talk about?” or “They are still mad at me for forgetting their birthday.” In others it may be based on our judgements. “They don’t deserve my time.” or “Why do I always have to be the one who calls?” For some situations it may simply be a lack of free time.

I encourage you to right now, no really, *right now*, pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t communicated with in at least six months. Many of you just had a name pop in your head. That’s the right person. Some of you think I’m not talking to you. I am. In the age of smart phones, they are literally no more than four touches away. Even if you are currently thinking, “There’s no reason to do this.” the counter-argument is, “There’s no reason *not* to.” It doesn’t have to be a long call. But I promise you, it will be a touching call. That’s because it will be intentional, and created.

This post was spurred by a moving video I watched, linked below.

Connection and Communication are two key elements for humans in a civilization. Technology has made it easier, not harder. Take advantage of it. I promise it’s worth it.