Executive Coaching

The most common area that people want coaching in is their work. One of the things I notice is that people are willing to spend far more money to make their business life better than they are willing to have an amazing relationship or a personal life filled with peace. It’s understandable from the point of view of a financial investment, but I insist that clients get more than a financial return.

I do individual coaching for entrepreneurs and executives as a one-on-one package. While the coaching will look at all areas of life, the measures and homework will center on the business results that you want to produce. This may be meeting a financial target, reducing turnover, increasing communication, or a myriad of other options.

I also offer a package for companies that want to provide coaching to their employees. I am on-call for the employees and do an hour of coaching with the owners and/or management team. That can look like a separate meeting or feedback on meetings that I sit in and observe. This allows me to support the environment that management is committed to having at both an organizational (top-down) and individual level.