Personal Coaching

The coaching I do applies to all areas of life. Most of my clients want to experience peace, happiness, or some other experience that seems just beyond their grasp. None of my clients have terrible lives. The general experience is that there is “Something missing.” Some of them want a boat, or to take a great vacation that leaves them energized instead of feeling that they need another vacation to get over the first one.

The foundation of my coaching program covers the distinctions that touch all aspects of our days and in the first conversation the client will pick the specific results they want to accomplish in three months. Some of the results have been: running a triathlon, buying a boat, taking a vacation with a new partner, creating a relationship with a daughter, and lowering their blood pressure to 80/120.

The three-month coaching program consists of at least one one-hour phone call each week, and unlimited contact between calls. That means you can call, text, or email when you want a refresher, want to clarify something, or just want to get in a different frame of mind before Thanksgiving dinner with the family. I never want you to have to ask “Is this worth calling my coach over?” The whole point is that you just pick up the phone.