Relationship Coaching

In 2008 two close friends of mine announced they were getting married. I had known them both separately for many years, they had met at a party I threw, and I had coached them both seperately and inside of their relationship. I was honored when they asked me to perform the ceremony, but informed them that I was pretty sure there were rules about who could and couldn’t perform weddings. Their response was, “You’re smart, you’ll figure out a way.”

After a few weeks of legal research I became a minister in the Universal Life Church which satisfied the bride, the groom, and the state of Texas. I did a three-month coaching agreement with them leading up to the wedding where we looked at the areas that could cause conflict, found the ways of being that they were both committing to as a married couple, and looked at what were the important messages they wanted to convey to their guests at the wedding. I wrote the ceremony and followed up with them afterwards (to honor my word in their union).

A year later I had another person ask if I would do the same thing for her wedding. It was an honor to work with her and her fiancee to create a unique ceremony and support them in creating their relationship. I have since been told by a number of couples that they wish they would have had similar support and attention leading up to their weddings and I have recently started offering this as a service. It’s a three-month coaching agreement where we look at how to ensure the strength of the marriage starting before the ceremony. I can also write a custom script and perform the wedding upon request, but this is optional.